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Braun Electric Shaver Series 3 3010BT

Including 5 attachments and 2 extras (Protective Cap and Soft Bag)

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[Review from Braun DE: German Review] Ich habe den Rasierer meinem Freund geschenkt und er ist sehr zufrieden damit.

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Ohne Rechnung

[Review from Braun DE: German Review] Das Gerät funktioniert sehr gut, jedoch hätte ich auch gerne eine Rechnung für diesen Rasierer. Braun schickt generell keine Rechnung mit, zweimal über die Service-Hotline angefordert bis heute vier Wochen später ist keine Rechnung gekommen, obwohl es zweimal zugesagt wurde, sehr enttäuschend würde ich nicht mehr kaufen dort.

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Comb Error

This product would be great if the 7mm comb was actually 7mm, it's more like 5mm, email braun if theres larger combs I could purchase and no reply.

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Fantastic ProSkin Razor

What a brilliant device! I have just recently been offered a new job, and the Braun Series 3 came in really handy! I do have quite a long beard, so usually I'm fairly limited when it comes to shavers. Although I wasn't able to use it to its full potential, the interchangeable heads made it slightly easier to tame the beast. Also, the precision trimmer was excellent at creating the sharp edges to my fuzz. The soft bag makes it easy to keep everything together. I did find that it started to pull slightly as the charge got lower, but that's just something we all have to live with! All in all, it's a real contender for my daily routine. Well done, Braun!

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Just what I needed!

My old electric razor is getting old now and so this Braun Razor came along at a perfect time! I like a bit of length to my stubble as I feel this look suits me better. This razor is essentially 3 in 1 as it allows a clean shave, a beard trimmer as desired and the ability to shape. The design is modern; lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. I would recommend the Braun Series 3 ProSkin razor to anyone looking for a new razor.

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Decent all round shaver and clipper

The Braun S3 Shave&Style is a fairly decent 'foil' style electric razor when it comes to both giving a close shave as well as clipping and trimming longer facial hair. As someone who clean shaves his neck but alternates between stubble and a neatly clipped beard I found this tool a welcome addition to my bathroom cabinet, even though it isn't as manoeuvrable as an electric rotary head or as close as a traditional wet shave. It has a solid and durable design and a reassuring weight which gives the impression of a quality product. A drawstring bag is provided in which to keep the different attachments, which might seem obvious, but the clutter in my bathroom draws is proof other appliances overlook this simple storage solution. The battery seems reliable and a full charge has lasted me at least 6 neck shaves and 2 beard clips over a 2 week period and is still going. The ability to take it into the shower is a novelty, I didn't find it provided any closer a shave, and without a mirror it seemed pretty pointless. Cleaning it however is fantastically simple with the ability to just take it apart and run it directly under the tap. The different heads are very easy to attach and remove and a quick search online shows a new foil head is around £25 to replace, which may seem expensive but when you factor in the cost for disposable razor heads over a similar time period (18 months) it's pretty reasonable. All in all, a fairly solid and reliable appliance for its price but nothing to rave about. Pros: Long battery life Fast charge Solid and durable feel Waterproof – take it in the shower, clean it under the tap A shaver and a clipper Good selection of accessories Rubberised grip Cons: Only supplied with a 2 pin plug – no ability to charge in a standard power socket No charge remaining indicator, just a red 'running out' light Noisy compared to other clippers I own

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Series 3 Pro Skin Razor

The box contains the Braun Series 3 ProSkin razor, a cleaning brush, small bag for the combs, plug, protective cap along with the exchangeable shaver head, exchangeable precision trimmer and, trimmer combs. It comes with 2 manuals - I recommend reading both, especially if you are used to a wet shave and gone over to electric razors. Charging the razor is simple and on first use, charge for a full 4 hours. This will give you up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving although I found it lasted longer than this. The razor itself feels great in my hands, the foam-like sides ensure a tight grip – which is great because it can be used in the shower and bath. The razor is lightweight and made of good quality materials. Removing the shaver head to clean was effortless and took less than 10 seconds to swill under warm or hot water. I decided for the first time using the Braun Series 3 Shave&Style 3010BT, I would use shaving gel, which is recommended (along with foam) in the manual but unfortunately, this didn’t go so well. It’s quite possible I used too much gel and I could feel the razor struggling. I found myself going over and over the same bit of hair. I had to give up on a gel shave and tried again with just water. This was great – The razor glided over my face with ease and gave a super close and smooth shave. I haven’t tried with foam as I don’t own any but would recommend just a small layer of foam or gel first. The precision trimmer and trimmer combs are a delight and super easy to install. Remove the foil & cutter cassette and replace with the trimmer head. The combs are numbered and correspond to the approximate trimming length in mm. I started with the longest and worked my way down to the size I was happy with. I recommend you do the same! The Braun Series 3 Shave&Style 3010BT is an amazing piece of kit, sturdy, water friendly, well-built and lightweight. It offers a convenient smooth close shave with a great range of trimming sizes for your beard. Although I had a slight hiccup on first use, it hasn’t stopped me from recommending this product to family and friends.

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Yes finally a electric razor i like

Now i've never really been a fan of electric razors until now, i really like a bit of growth in my stubble as if i do say so myself i think i look slightly sexier. But it was always a case of have a clean shave look like 12 years for a few days then enjoy my perfect length then back to shaving it off after it gets to long and irritating. I just needed something to keep my desired length so i look sexy and not irritated by a long beard, then i found the Braun Series 3 ProSkin razor, the best thing since sliced bread. So what does it do you may ask well it's a 3 in 1 shaver you can either get a close shave out of it or keep your beard at a desired length then it has a precise trimmer head for that all important shaping. So the product itself is lightweight easy to hold which comes with a little pouch so you can keep all the different length combs together 1-7mm by the way. I prefer my length to be 2mm and a quick go over with this and i'm a happy man oh and my girlfriend is as well. The shaver also allows me to shape my neck with its super sharp blades and if a close shave is what your after then it's perfect for that as well. All in all a awesome bit of kit for the price and i'm so glad that i've found this product, what was life like before it? Definitely recommended quality and value all at the same time.

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A close Shave

This product is a good product. The bag you get to hold the trimmer combs is a great idea as well as the the feel and design of the razor makes it a nice touch. The razor dose its job. Its hard to say anything else but that it works and dose what it says. Its nothing amazing and works just like my other razors. However the noise is a bit more unbearable and the battery life is appalling.

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Braun Series 3

The Braun series three is well packaged and comes with: - the shaver itself with the foil type head and a plastic protective cover; - the precision trimmer head and 5 trimmer combs; - some instructions; - power cable; - a small bag to keep the combs in; and - cleaning brush. When first taking out the shaver from the box it has a reassuring weight to it that speaks to the quality of the build. My first impressions from trying out the different options that come with it are largely positive. The foil head gives a nice close shave with minimal irritation which could be minimised further by using it during a wet shave. It did take a lot of going over the same part of my face to pick up the final stubborn hairs, which could be better and it struggled to pick up a couple of neck hairs, but this is simply fixed by using the trimmer to finish it off. Overall a good quality product as expected from a consistent brand.

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