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Female Hair Removal

While some women might want to focus specifically on rapid hair removal, others might prefer products that offer permanent hair removal, such as the Braun IPL range, for example. Of course, every women's hair removal needs differ. Indeed, you might want one Braun hair removal product for your face, such as the range of FaceSpa Pro epilators, for instance, while preferring a completely different product for your legs or underarm hair. There again, you might prefer a hair removal device from Braun that can deal with hair on multiple parts of the body, such as our Silk Expert Pro 5 range, for example, part of the Braun IPL hair removal collection.

Simply put, here at Braun, we offer a range of different female hair removal products designed with the needs of women in mind. From our Silk épil 9 smart epilators that utilise SensoSmart technology to guide the epilation, providing for a more comfortable hair removal experience, to our travel-friendly Body Mini Trimmer BS1000, there is a product to suit every woman and her individual hair removal preferences. Please note that our female hair removal products break down into three categories – Epilators, Silk Expert Pro IPL and Skin Care – which are themselves formed of ranges, such as the FaceSpa Pro or Silk Expert Pro 3 collections, among others.

Feel free to browse all of these ranges and products, many of which come with different attachments, carry cases and other accessories. From pubic hair removal women can trust to long-lasting facial hair removal products that deliver results in weeks, Braun has you covered.