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Braun FaceSpa Pro 911

Including 4 extras (Cleansing Brush Head, Toning Head, Stand and Pouch)

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I love this little gadget! The attachments are great! I’m not much in to beauty but I did like the toning head, I felt it eased my sinuses and face muscles and got the blood flowing. Also the cleansing brush was fantastic. Made everything effortless. Now to get to the epilator itself. It does work but as a person with a lot of coarse hairs, sometimes it does struggle to get these hairs and takes a lot of going over to remove them. Sometimes I feel like the motor is struggling to keep up and you can smell the oil in the epilator which isn’t very nice!  But all in all I am feeling much happier with a lot less hairs on my face and my face feeling soft and refreshed!

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Died after less than a year

Great product. Had the battery one before this which i had for 5 years. Had to replace that only because the plastic casing of the battery compartment got loose so thought a rechargeable one would be a perfect replacement. Not so much. The unit has died after less than 20 uses and i only use it for few hardy facial hair.

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Where shall I start

Love love love this product and every thing about it. The epilator gets the smallest of hairs that you don't even notice and it is so easy to do. I really don't think I will be paying salon prices any more to get my brows done. The brush set brightens your skin after one use and removes all the dead skin. I am so glad that i was given this product as I have clear skin but it's just so dull but with this product my skin has been transformed. This is a must buy!

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2 out of 3 ain’t bad

I absolutely love the epilator tool, does exactly what is says it will, even the tiniest of hairs! It’s not completely pain free, but no different to plucking or waxing, and it’s over twice as quick. Love love love the exfoliating tool, skin looks brighter after all the dead skin is brushed away. Definitely helps with the absorption of my serums and moisturisers. Really easy to use and clean the head attachment. 5 out of 5!! The tapping tool, well I’m not sure what to say about this, as personally Haven't seen any results or benefit from it so far, But I have only been using for 2 weeks. Fingers crossed the results are more gradual and I will reap the benefits soon Over all fab product and would hightly recommend! So simple to use, and actually does what it claims to!! Thanks Braun

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High quality sleek beauty product a must have

Absoulately love using this product. The sleek streamlined construction of the facial spa gives the impression of a high quality beauty product the rosegold colouring adding to the elegance and it certainly does not disappoint Initially when start the epilator can be a little painful but you soon get used to it and the results are worth it. The facial exfoliating brush gently messages giving you a really good deep gentle clean leaving your skin feeling amazing and the massaging applicator for liquid beauty products gently pulsates giving you a really even relaxing application of your moisturisers while only needing to use a small amount of product. This has fast turned into my new best friend

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Divided thoughts

This product splits my thoughts entirely, there are things I really like, some I really dislike and then the price is it worth the price tag? To start with I really like how fast the motor is. The rotation speed is just right enough to snatch the hair with less pain, I’ve tolerated a few epilators in the past and the speed of this one really makes a difference. The size of the epilating head is to my liking, the smaller it is the least amount of hairs it grabs creating less pain. I’ve only ever epilated my legs, I’ve tried before to epilating my face like my upper lip but the others made it too painful so I would normally pluck with tweezers which is time consuming and requires a mirror. Now I use the facespa every other day and it takes seconds. I did try the Facespa on the rest of my face, the very fine fluff that I get due to an hormone imbalance. I have only tried this once, the Facespa left my cheeks with a red hot rash and the fine hairs snapped rather than plucked so I have to give that a miss. It was really good at getting those little stray eyebrow hairs with next to no time really. The cleansing brush is rather soft and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not because it didn’t really feel like there was any point using it, then when I press on just a little the motor stops rotating momentarily until I lifted the pressure off a bit, I know it’s not meant to scrub the face but I don’t think I will be using that tool. The toner is nice to use with a facial serum but again the motor doesn’t like too much pressure, I would even say it has a similar reaction to an electric toothbrush. I didn’t really feel much difference from using the toner. The device itself charges up really quickly and the battery has lasted 4 sessions so far. I like how slender the Facespa is, it does come with a pouch and a stand but it fits snuggly into my makeup bag. I do think that I purchase a similar device for less than this one. What sets this one apart really is the brand name, it’s a trusted brand and I know if this product should develop a fault I have a safety net and the reassurance that this product will serve me well. I really like my new epilator, I’d like it more if it had a trimmer instead of a cleanser and toner.

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Female Must Have

I was really surprised with the quality of this device, everything from the packaging to the velvet travel pouch the FaceSpa comes with. I usually go to the salon to have a facial and a wax but i found the epilator works really well especially on shorter hair and quick to remove, I was slightly concerned about the pain however isn't as bad as I thought, I have always had facial hair and have tried waxing at home and bleaching however for a home remedy, this is great. The next head I tried was the cleansing brush head, I really enjoyed this one, I have very sensitive skin and so found that it was really soft kind to my skin. I really felt like I had been to the salon and have a facial, my skin felt wonderful. I found the slim design good to navigate around the curves of my face and get to the areas which can get missed regularly. I would recommend this product because it. The device charges fairly quickly and I found that it holds battery for quite a while. Easy to store because of its size and I absolutely love the rose gold colour and pouch, it is very classy, I really love the stand so I store it on my dressing table. The only negative I have is that it only comes with a 2 pin charging plug however adapters are not expensive at all. Overall a really good product and I am very impressed.

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Spa experience at home

If you do not have money to go to expensive Spa, here is the perfect product for you Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Epilator 3in1. It is amazing, because the epilator head removes all the small hair and I can do it daily. Easy to do it and it is not painful and extremely effective. There is a brush head to clean the skin and wash the face. And also a MicroVibration head which is amazing, because it gives massage to the face and it it so nice, also it has timings, so can change when it makes the noise and it makes the skin more radiant and works the cream into the skin. I do this everyday and I find it very easy, it help me with my skin care routine and make me feel relaxed. It has a charger, but the battery last long and it does not have a cable, when you use it. Comes with a high quality bag, I put everything inside and if I need to go somewhere for some days, I just take the bag with me. I would highly recommend it. I am a busy Mum and have no time to myself or go to Spa, but I can do a bit everyday and Braun helps me to improve my skin. Thank you,

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Great Product despite a bit pricey

I have let my beauty routine go out the window since falling pregnant so when I got this gadget, it has made everything much simpler in my daily life. Compact and very simple to use, comes with 3 different heads, epilator, toning and exfoliator as well as a well detailed instruction book, tiny brush to clean the epilator head, carry pouch and also charging lead. Exfoliator head and toning head work well together, with the exfoliating head actually feeling like it's doing something compared to my usual manual exfoliating brush - leaving my skin tingling after use. Paired with the toning head which gently vibrates while also applying your normal moisturiser creams etc, my normal dry t-zone has improved just in a week! The epilator head was a different experience as I have never used one ony face before often opting for wax strips. This was a far kinder way to remove tiny hairs and quickly too! The guide gives you tips on how to get tiny hairs around your face and lip and I was done in a matter of minutes. I am always sceptical when purchasing beauty gadgets and especially high priced beauty gadgets but I'm glad I have got this, and the thing I love about this product is it is mobile and can easily fit into your handbag should you ever need to take it with you.

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Versatility at it’s best

A very versatile product and it was so easy to switch between the different tools. The epilator has a good speed so actually plucks out the hairs with minimal discomfort. I do agree with how it advertises that it can pick out even the smallest of hairs as I tried it on some tiny hairs too. The cleansing brush is a lot softer than a previous brush from Braun that I’ve used but for me the toner head for applying creams etc didn’t do much. I feel like the toner head wasn’t applying the cream as I would like it to and actually made me use more product than needed. Hence the 4 star review rather than 5. The 20 second timer was very helpful and I like how the product is practical and comes with a pouch

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