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Braun All-in-One Beard Trimmers 3

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The Braun all in one trimmer 3 range of beard and body trimmers has been put together to help men keep their facial and body looking good at just the length they prefer. Like our beard trimmers, the Braun all-in-one trimmer 3 range features some high-quality products that offer a great deal of versatility when you want to trim your hair at home. However, in common with our hybrid trimmers, the series 3 range can be used on the body as well as to trim beards and moustaches. In fact, some series 3 products – such as our MGK3220 all-in-one trimmer – will also act as an ear and nose trimmer, ideal if you want to deal with all of the unwanted hairs on your body with a single product.

Please note that the series 3 is only one part of our much more extensive range of all-in-one trimmers which also includes series 7 products, such as the MGK7220, for instance. That said, the series 3 offers numerous user features, such as a range of combs, attachments and cleaning brushes. You can also expect powerful NiHM battery packs in the series 3 that offer plenty of runtime between charges. Everything you'll need to keep your facial and body hair trimmed to perfection has been included throughout the range.

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